Crystal Reports error 532

I'll first start off saying that i know NOTHING about crystal. I use software called AutoCrib at many vendor locations, this software is connected to a SQL database. Crystal is somehow in bedded into the AutoCrib installation. When running reports from within the software it comes up with a crystal report. Some of these reports were custom made years back. We had a PC fail at one of these locations and had to replace the PC, reinstall the software and restore the database. After doing so I get an error trying to open a couple of the custom reports (error attached). I cannot figure it out for the life of me. Same version software, same database no luck, I can restore that same database to my local PC at my office and run the report so I am assuming that this has something to do with the PC setup itself. Any help would be HUGELY APPRECIATED!! And bare with me on the questions, i don't know much about SQL. ERROR 532
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Is the new PC running the same version of Windows?

Based on the error message you are running a relatively old version of Crystal.


McottuliAuthor Commented:
Yes, Same version of windows. XP PRO, Also if this helps, the Installation of the Autocrib software automatically installs SQL studio EXPRESS, that's where the database lives, locally on the PC.

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McottuliAuthor Commented:
That was it, I actually just dropped CRPE32.DLL, NTWDBLIB.DLL, P2LSQL.DLL, P2SSQL.DLL  in both the c:\windows\system32 folder and the C:\windows\crystal folder and it worked. Thank you very much
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