CRM 2011 - Custom Report - Run on Selected Account

I have created a very simple form which just makes a printable version of the accounts page but to how I want the layout.

I am having issues getting the report to run on a selected record. I have created a new report and added the option for run on selected record.

I cannot seem to get the code to run on a highlighted account record and it just runs across all records.

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From the CRM forum on the MS site

1.Go to the reports section
2.Highlight the report you wish to have display on the "Reports" menu
3.Once highlighted, click on the "Edit Report" button on the toolbar
4.Change the "Display In" property to ensure it has the desired options selected.
The available options are:

Lists for related record types - If selected it will make the report display anytime there is a list for the related record types, e.g. if it is a contact report, any time you're on a Contact list you'll be able to see this report from the "Reports" menu

Reports Area - If selected, this report will show in the main reports area, if not, it will not display there.

Forms for related record types - If selected it will make the report display anytime you have a form open from a related record, e.g. if it is a contact reprot, any time you have a contact form open you'll be able to see this report from the "Reports" menu.
Wizard_ITMDAuthor Commented:
I currently have:

Report Name: TEST
Categories: Sales Reports
Related Record Types: Companies (aka accounts)
Display In: Forms for related record; lists for related record types; reports area

None of which allow me to run a report on either:

a) a open record
b) select a record and run a report from the companies/accounts view
Wizard_ITMDAuthor Commented:
I have managed to create a report using the report wizard (fetchxml) and that display in selected records and I can run the report on a single report and it displays fine.

The problem is all the users are going to select multiple records and run the report. How do I get an Account Overview style report where each selected account appears on a new page.
Glad you got the first problem solved, There is a records per page option in under File|Options|General
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