Need Drivers for H.P. Pavilion a6407c

I am helping a friend rebuild an H.P. Pavilion a6407c.  I need drivers, and H.P. doesn't have what I need on their web site, or, from what they told me, more correctly, I can't find what I need.  All I need is a driver for the ethernet adapter - I called, and was told that I need to spend $49.95 for this guy to tell me where it's at on the site!  GEEZ!!!  WTF!!!???  On principal, I don't want to do that.  However, her PC is useless w/o this driver; I can't get the the Internet!  This is something that SHOULD be EASY, yet I've literally spent several hours looking for the driver and have had NO LUCK!  What am I missing!!!???  HELP!!!  At the risk of sounding like a jerk, please don't waste your time telling me I need to put in the model #, etc., on H.P.'s site.  I've been through all that, and no ethernet adapter driver is listed for ANY O/S.  I also need a sound driver - again, no luck.  The original O/S was Vista Home Premium - I rebuilt it with XP - but can't even find Vista drivers.  
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ranadastidarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
buy a lan card its so chip now a days.
Try this site from HP:

It doesnt look like they have any XP drivers but maybe you can use the windows vista drivers and get the correct version from the original manufacturer (ie intel, soundmax) otherwise you're stuck with windows vista or 7.
bds1959Author Commented:
Thank you - OK - is this a stupid question??? - There's an NVIDIA LAN driver - What???  I thought NVIDIA is a VIDEO driver???  NOT LAN???
bds1959Author Commented:
Thanks ranadastidar - I just might do that - that's a cheaper solution than spending $50.00 with H.P.!
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