How do you find the links to edit them in this Flash file?

I have this Flash file that looks like it used to be some template that another person designed over.  can only find one instance of links being present, but only for one link. Where the heck are the other links living?

The flash file in question is attached. sffhrc-header.fla
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dgofmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All butt_dem* button has same implementation, but hidden

What you should to do.

1) Click for example butt_dem <butt5> under Butt_cup

2) Click on Timeline tab

3) You will see all layers are locked

4) Unlock All

5) Switch tab back to Actios

6) Click on the same MOvieCLip button instance and you will see ActionScript code
From ActionScript Screenshot
philipseoAuthor Commented:
Yeah that's the one instance I saw, but if you change that, it only applies it to the middle navigation button. How are you supposed to change each navigation link?
philipseoAuthor Commented:
Ahhhh, didn't realize if it is locked it hides the actionscript too, thanks!
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