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when adding a new dataset to a report using report builder (3.0), where do the list of shared datasets come from? They don't exist on the report server as far as I can tell and if I select one of them the error message says it cannot be found. I don't understand where it's populating this list from, or how I can fix or remove the shared datasets so they won't appear in the list.
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lundnakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The are held in the user.config file found at C:\users\<<user>>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Report Builder\

<setting name="RecentDataSets" serializeAs="Xml">
            <Items MaxSize="10">
              <RecentItem Time="Mon, 01 Jan 2011 00:00:00 GMT" Site="http://server/reportserver" ItemPath="/Datasets/dsMyDataSet" Type="DataSet" SiteType="RS" UseAsWindowsCredentials="False" />

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Could you provide a screenshot?
KSUFAuthor Commented:
KSUFAuthor Commented:
So every user who uses report builder will have one of these files? If a dataset is removed we'll have to manually remove it from the config file? I must be doing something wrong. Where can I get more information about managing the use of report builder, shared datasets etc? I've spent a lot of time seaching, but have'nt found a very good source.
Every user will have a config file.  I'm not sure about manually removing it, but there is an option in Report Builder where you can limit the number of recent shared datasets.. This is under Options > Settings.

I don't know of any good documentation for managing Report Builder in an enterprise environment.
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