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Hi guys,

What is a good tool from MS or other places to calculate the Exchange requrement based on number of users, mailboxes, public folders, redundancy, locations, etc.
I remember I've see one from MS like in Excel formula.

Please advice.
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Tiras25Author Commented:
Yes that..  Are there other ones?  Like more on a larger scale like how many DAGs needed based on the specific environment.   Number of databased, stores, etc.
Or is it all subjective opinions?
That's MSFT recommended. No other version required IMHO.
That version is updated also.

it's pretty elaborate and detailed and I havent found a better one.
PS: the default values in the XL sheet starts at 24,000 mailboxes.

I dont think its subjective opinion @ MSFT sizing.
It's thoroughly tested and recommended by MSFT PFE's also.

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