Exchange 2007 EWS Availability Service - Free/Busy lookup not working

Free/Busy lookups are not working in my enviroment if i try to look up a mailbox in a different AD site.

I can lookup the free/busy information using Office 2007 or 2010 using EWS for any mailbox in the site my mailbox is in.

If i try to lookup theFree/Busy info for a mailbox who is in a different AD site it comes up unavailble. I must be missing some small setting to make this work but i have had no luck looking it up on the internet so far.

Any help is appreciated. Let me know if you need more details on anything.
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Thanks for the update

It would appear that there is an issue with web services on Site B
Verify that the EWS virtual directory is configured with windows authentication
Also verify that the external URL for EWS is empty
Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory SiteBCas\ews* -ExternalUrl $null -WindowsAuthentication:$True

Try browsing to the internal URL for Site B Cas on client
PoloNWSecurityAuthor Commented:
Update to issue: If i use a mailbox in the site that currently is not working i cannot view free/busy in that site but i can successfully see free/busy info in the first site which is working.

Site A - successful lookups in own site but cannot view site B

Site B -  successful lookups in site A but cannot view info in own site
is the entire environment exchange 2007 or is there a mix with 2003
can we get more detail for the exchange design

ad site of the user should have no impact when using ews

PoloNWSecurityAuthor Commented:
It is mixed but there is only a handful of users on 03 at this moment and none of them are an issue.

There is 2 AD sites each with Exchange 2007 servers.

Site A - 2 x HUB/CAS servers 4 x Mailbox Servers

Site B - 2 x HUB/CAS 1 x Mailbox Servers

Site A has the internet facing CAS and proxies to Site B for OWA and ActiveSync.
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