Need to make an Excel spreadsheet report of all current Exchange Server users

I need to make an Excel spreadsheet report of all current Exchange Server users.

This report needs to list the individual user names, email addresses, Exchange Server names, mailbox size, and (if possible) if the user has a Smart phone set up with that user's emails address. Is it also possible to list what kind of Smart phone that user is using?

The most important information that I need involves all of the information listed above. While it would be nice to know exactly which users are using Smart phones for their email, this requirement isn't quite as important as getting all of the other information.

Please describe how I can create such a report from the Exchange Management Console (either Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010) or from the Exchange Power Shell (either Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010.

This report needs to be exported into a CSV or similar format that I can then easily import into an Excel document.

If there is some kind of global report that can be run or displayed that includes extra information besides what I have listed above, this will be OK. I can always delete any information that I don't need to have out of this report once it has been imported into the Excel 2010 spreadsheet.
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAsked:
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IT GuyNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
How can I export such a report from Exchange 2010?
IT GuyNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I also need to know the exact size of each user's mailbox.

How can I add this feature to the Add/Remove columns? I don't see any option to add this.

I'm sure that this could be added by creating a Custom Attribute that will display the mailbox size.

How can I create such a Custom Attribute that will display the mailbox size?
Just follow the wizards and select the properties/conditions you want.
I don't have access to my exchange server right now but this will help you
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