can you guys remind me how to check the service pack level of the microsoft exchange 2003 on SBS

OK I have exchange 2003 running on sbs.
I nned to make sure that it is on sp2 before I go on with my next endevor of installing BES
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You can open ESM ---> Servers : on the right end side cornet you will number servers listed there along with sp installed.

Or else

Search for store.exe (it will be located in C:\exchsrvr\bin folder or the exchange drive where u have installed exchange) , Right click store.exe --> properties ---> version tab
open exchange system manager -> administrative groups => first admin group (or whatever) -> servers

look at your right hand side you will see the server name with the version on service pack

you could also right click property on it
explorer648Author Commented:
because the ESM was not available. I knew how to use that but I know there was another way so I searched for store.exe and it had the version. Much easier than trying to get the ESM to work.
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