Employee Computer Monitoring

For security and legal reasons we wish to be able to monitor and archive employee computer usage.  This includes keystrokes, screenshots, internet usage, network file manipulation, and general application usage. We should like the solution to be centrally managed, but accessible to be viewed from multiple clients.  In addition to those requirements we desire for the program to be secure and not interfere with computer performance.  We have a current solution that we would like to get away from, but I am not sure what our other options are.

Any suggestions?

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Surveillance of keystrokes etc is against law in a lot of countries, so the best option actually is NOT using tools like "Boss everywhere" and be compliant to data protection laws.
SpectorSoft - Spector360 or SpectorCNE

Both are business/enterprise products with a central database, deployable clients, rules, filters, reporting, alerting, etc.

Your legal counsel and Human Resources should be made aware so that the necessary notifications can be made to employees.

It's legal where I am, and has been used forensically to find sources of virus infection and to find employee file deletion activity so that the missing data could be restored from the backup.

"Boss everywhere" is a misnomer.  I have surveillance cameras everywhere...two on my right now.  I don't liken them to my boss hanging from the ceiling 24/7.  The footage is monitored and reviewed as needed.

Surveillance of computer equipment use is not much different in reasoning than CCTV, telephone recordings, vehicle/GPS logs, and logging access control and alarm systems.

If you've ever phoned a call center for tech support or customer service, you're likely to hear a recording that "conversations may be monitored or recorded".  For emergency calls to police/fire, they play a tone every few seconds.

"Boss everywhere" can be renamed "due diligence" if you're slapped with a C&D or lawsuit or criminal investigation because an employee was running a hack or a scam off your computer.

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VoodooFrogAuthor Commented:
Our current solution is Spector360. We have had numerous performance impacting issues with the software in addition to the way they handle their lisencing is a pain.  I was hoping there is another product that would be a little easier to work with.
Managing Security Policy in a Changing Environment

The enterprise network environment is evolving rapidly as companies extend their physical data centers to embrace cloud computing and software-defined networking. This new reality means that the challenge of managing the security policy is much more dynamic and complex.

We had no noticeable performance hit once we worked around Quickbooks.  The constant chatter made the monitoring load skyrocket to point of unusable on terminal server.  Other desktops had more impact from anti-virus software.

The licensing was a sticky point for us too.  When we shed half our employee count and wanted to reduce the renewed licenses, they wanted a new contract for half the head count at nearly double the price.  Not very sympathetic folks there.  But, good software.
VoodooFrogAuthor Commented:
So is that it? Just Spector? Noone has any other suggestions?
VoodooFrogAuthor Commented:
I guess we will keep using Spector and hope that something will change...
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