Suppress Unterminated String Constant Error Message in IE

I am getting the "Unterminated String Constant" JavaScript error message on my webpage. The error only occurs in IE8. I do not get it in Chrome or Firefox. Can this message be suppressed using JavaScript code on my page. I am not sure what is causing it.
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I don't think you can pick and choose JavaScript errors.

Post your code, we'll fix it.
Greg AlexanderLead DeveloperCommented:
Something like the attahced
function handleError(){
  return true;
window.onerror = handleError;

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I meant to attach the offending code.  The best way to stop error messages is to fix the code that's causing it - not to suppress the errors;  that's a little like taking morphine to fix a broken leg so you can keep running.
If you are using any this like this


not exactly like this means if you are getting any of the response from server or JSON string then on that variable just perform following action

$buffer = str_replace(Chr(13), "", $buffer);

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If not Chr(13), check for the correspondent can be End Of Line, Carriage Return, etc...and then, you pass it to the javascript.

That should remove all "enters" off your code, as to leave it in a single line!!

Good Luck, let me know how it worked..

hope this will give you some idea.

source of info:


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