anchor links scroll a textbox?


I have a scrolling div that has anchor links:
<a href="#delivery"> </a> at the top of the box, and <a name="delivery"> </a> at the bottom of the box

I was hoping they would work to scroll down the textbox but it isn't  doing that.  is this possible? perhaps I have an error in my code?  or is there a different way I should do this?  

Here is the URL:

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I don't see any #delivery at the top of the box.

There's a #samples, and that appears to be working as I'd expect it to (scrolling to the #samples portion of the page)
I gone through the code but not found that TAG

<a href="#top"><font class="medium">Go to Top</font></a>

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That code is for going TOP so its working fine rfering "#Top" that is above. If you want to scroll to full page top then add very above of the page some <a> with some name like abc or just set name as abc for the elemnt that is on very top and all places where you are using this below line

<a href="#top"><font class="medium">Go to Top</font></a>

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Change by this

<a href="#abc"><font class="medium">Go to Top</font></a>

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Then it will go top of the page on the element that you are mentioning.

xanabobanaAuthor Commented:
take this tag: <a href="#packaging"><font class="medium">Private Labeling</font></a><br>

it isn't scrolling down the div for me?

ok it is working in ie...but not firefox.
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very strange problem

in style.css you will find


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where submenu width is set to 400 just set to 200 that would be up and running in firefox too


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Because when I used firebug that code in firefox I have come to know that your left side menu overlapping these links and thats the reason your link was not getting focus or clicked to perform "Bookmark" action

Hope you got that now best of luck with your project
xanabobanaAuthor Commented:
works perfectly now that I changed the submenu width- thanks!
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