How can i get desktop to come back up on an HP a465c desktop pc?

Hi Everybody!

The machine: HP Pavilion a465c / P4 3ghz-512mb ram(there's one problem!)-160gb hdd-Winxp Home Edition-NOT SURE WHAT SERVICE PACK

The INITIAL ISSUE: computer keeps going thru a REBOOT CYCLE after POST and just when it hits SPLASH SCREEN.Will not go into SAFE MODE. If selected it reboots there as well.

What i did FIRST: Ran a CHKDSK using Winxp Home cd(NOT ORIGINAL cd that came with pc).It found and fixed some issues but it didnt say WHICH. Tried to boot pc again.NO CHANGE.Same rebooting issue like before.

WHAT I DID NEXT: Did a REPAIR INSTALL using a cd i had(WINDOWS XP HOME EDITION SP3).I dont know if the person had this install on SP3 with all the latest updates.It MAY have just been on SP2 or earlier.Afterwards pc came up BUT it said it MUST BE ACTIVATED. OK and CANCEL only options.I hit OK.It came up to desktop but the desktop is BLANK and remained blank even after 20 minutes! It does the same thing in SAFE MODE.

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that must be a problem with some drivers . you can try installing a fresh copy of windows xo and install drivers from , if that still does not fix the issue then you hard drive is deffecive
Brian GeeCommented:
When the system came up to a blank Desktop, were you able to perform a CTRL + ALT + DEL? If so, try launching the Task Manager and then going to File > New Task (Run...) > then type in explorer > then the OK button. See if this brings up the taskbar on the Desktop or not.
Danny ChildIT ManagerCommented:
can you slave the hard disk to another machine and re-run chkdsk till you have no more errors?  Then, I would repeat the Repair Install and see if it completes successfully this time.

There are hard disk adaptors to fit 2.5" IDE hard drives to standard PCs.  Cost is $10-20 - I can find a part number for them tomorrow if you need one.  Not needed for SATA drives.

There's obviously some hard disk corruption as shown by the first set of chkdsk faults, and until these are completely resolved, all other install will be flakey.

I don't think it's a driver issue.

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robcrazeeAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys.Dont have machine in front of me but i'll try some of your suggestions. YOBRI - I could not get CTRL/ALT/DEL to work when desktop came up. DANCH99 - Its a 3.5" IDE drive but thanks for the tip.I will try the additional CHKDSK then repair install again.Does the WINXP CD matter? Like i mentioned before, i used a Windows XP HOME EDITION (SERVICE PACK 3) because thats what i had available at time.Would using an SP2 version make any difference? Good news is i can access and copy all data if needed.Thanks again
robcrazeeAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys. Forgot to mention that i did put the hdd on a good clean working pc and scanned using MALWAREBYTES and AVG.It found and cleaned some nasties..
Does regedit work?
it can be bad hardware; to be sure about the basics, run ram and disk tests from ubcd :      

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robcrazeeAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys.Running a another chkdsk now and it IS finding some more things.Will keep you posted..
robcrazeeAuthor Commented:
Sorry for taking so long. Out of town alot this week! Ran a CHKDSK and if fixed some more errors(again, it does not say WHAT it fixed when running chkdsk using command prompt with winxp cd).This time i tried REPAIR INSTALL using WINDOWS XP HOME EDITION SERVICE PACK "2" CD.Used SP"3" last time. No difference. The install goes thru fine but when login to desktop it is BLANK with only wallpaper there.It still said " THIS COPY NEEDS TO BE ACTIVATED..." before it went to desktop and only selection is OK or CANCEL. I let sit for 30minutes. No icons/shortcuts came up after this much time either. Cant go into SAFE MODE cause it says it cant activate windows in safe mode.
Dont thing it's MOTHERBOARD/CPU/MEMORY as the repair install did not "hiccup". Please let me know what else i can try and if nothing else i can REDO the OS and move data back.THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP.
>>   it does not say WHAT it fixed   <<  you have to check it's log file

Go to Start > Run and type: eventvwr.msc /s , + Enter.
 When Event Viewer opens, click on "Application", scroll down to "Winlogon" and double-click it. This is the log
 created after running Checkdisk.
robcrazeeAuthor Commented:
Thanks NOBUS. I will check that today and get back with you...
post results..
robcrazeeAuthor Commented:
NOBUS, cannot select START,ENTER,etc..Only BLANK desktop with no icons, start key,shortcuts.
Unable to get any of these in SAFE MODE as well. Can i do something in CONSOLE mode with windows cd? Please let me know..
the only possibility i see (apart from a fresh install) is to run the repair install again
btw - did you run a diag on the disk??  a bad disk can cause weird problems
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