Sequential Numbering on Business Card

We are trying to creating discount cards that are printed on business card stock thru Publisher 2003.   I have created an excel data base of numbers to use.   How do I get it to work so that each individual business card has a new sequential number.

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OK, here is something you could try:

making sure that your publication color printing option is set to Composite RGB. If it is anything else, Mail merge gets disabled.

Good Luck!
Use MailMerge to do this:

1) Click Tools > Mailings and Catalogs > Mail Merge
2) Make sure "Use an existing List" is selected, then click Next
3) Choose your excel file when the Select Data Source box comes up

Here is a tutorial about using Mail Merge:
bankwestCTO/CashierAuthor Commented:
I do that and the second pop out for mail merge wizard is greyed out.   If I have a business card as format it wont let me do it.

If I use a different format (testing) then I have that access.

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