Dynamically Add Reference to Linked Server

We are creating a "partitioned" database so that in the future when we need to do load balancing the enterprise database solution will already be broken up into parts that can live on separate servers.  So, for example, we are going to have the following databases that, at first, live on the same server:


If they eventually live on separate servers then we will need to add the name of the linked server to any query:

ex. Select * from Prod1.Users.dbo.UserMaster

I don't want to have to go back later and update hundreds of stored procedures.  Is there some way to create system wide variables, which at first will be empty strings and later be the name of the Linked Server?


@UsersLinkedServer = ''

@UsersLinkedServer = 'Prod1.'

Every Users stored procedure can access this variable, this variable will only have to be changed in one place, etc.


Can I use a linked server connection for each that recursively points back to itself at first?  If so, is there any major performance hit associated with this?

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you would have to use a table to store those values. But otherwise there is no user defined global variables that persists across sessions and restarts.

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davidcahanAuthor Commented:
What about recursively pointing the linked server back to itself at first?
The idea to use a self-linking linked server works, but am not too sure of the performance implication. I would however speculate that the server will still need to spend a few seconds resolving this linked server so it obviously will not be as good as not using this approach.

Also keep in ming that even with using some form of variable, you will then have to make your queries dynamic, and probably use the EXEC command... which isnt such a good idea because you lose the performance benefit of precompilation of that dynamic sql - though the server will cache commonly executed queries... but am no sure the benefit you gain i.e. "simplifying" future maintenace is really worth the performance costs for queries running "now".

integrated security

EXEC sp_addlinkedserver 
	@server		= 'self', 
	@srvproduct 	= '', 
	@provider 	= 'MSDASQL',
	@datasrc 	= NULL,
	@location 	= NULL,
	@provstr 	= 'DRIVER={SQL Server};Server=(local); Initial Catalog=master;Integrated Security=SSPI;'

sql server security

EXEC sp_addlinkedserver 
	@server		= 'self', 
	@srvproduct 	= '', 
	@provider 	= 'MSDASQL',
	@datasrc 	= NULL,
	@location 	= NULL,
	@provstr 	= 'DRIVER={SQL Server};Server=(local); Initial Catalog=master;uid=sa;pwd=mypwd;'

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