Vcentre server ip changed - advice required

Looking for advice here. In the set up we have, vmware with 2 hosts and around 20 vms. All working fine.

Vcentre is installed on 1 vm in the datacentre.

Earlier today I created a win7 vm and added to domain okay.

I assigned a static ip and all was fine. However I then remote connected to the new vm, and got a bit mixed up. I inadvertently went to the vcentre and changed it's ip to the new vms ip.

As a result the vcentre was 'lost' though all vms were fine. I couldn't access sphere client to the vcentre.

When I went to check later, I noticed another admin had put everything back okay. A relief of course, but I would like to know what they did to put it back.

In other words how did they connect to this vm if the ip was changed?
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use client directly to the server and then console in and go from there.
or change the IP in the 7 machine and then try the vsphere to take it back.
The direct connection to the VM server and console to the server is how I would fix the problem quickly.. Changing the IP and hoping it allows the connection to resolve can be a bit tedious.  But it should work.

The other thing is when you changed the vSphere server did you change the IP in your vsphere client to point to the new IP...

you can also rdp and possibly connect to the vsphere server to correct the issue.
Yes...concur with Hutch_77...the other person more than likely logged directly to the ESX/i host your vCenter VM is on. No need to know IP of vCenter VM, just the name/IP & login credentials of the ESX/i host.

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CroftkeyAuthor Commented:
I couldn't rdp to the vcentre vm to run vsphere client as when I did that it remote connected to the win7 new vm instead.

I had set up a new win7 vm with ip xx.xx.xx.90 which was fine. I created this new vm on vcentre which had ip of xx.xx.xx.6

I was on rdp to new vm and installing stuff. Then it dropped session and I was unaware and didn't realise I was bak to the vmware vcentre machine, which had the network adaptor settings on it. I thought the ip was wrong so changed it from 6 to 90. Of course my rdp to this then also dropped. I managed to rdp to 90 which was the win7 machine that was fine. Bu then I cringed and thought on no the vcentre now has a conflict it's no longer 6 I couldnt ping and I thought how can I get back to that machine now. As it's a vm and the only 1 with vcentre on it I oulnt work out what to do. If it was a physical machine I guess I cohld have used ILO to the esx host.
Well, in case you lose vCenter connection next time, now you are aware that all you need to do is log into the host directly that the vCenter VM is on. :)


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