Struggling with getting 3 Monitors working with Windows 7 64 bit Pro

I can't seem to get 3 monitors working in just about any combination with a brand new Dell Vostro 230 MT (Low Profile - SFF), I was able to get 2 working by adding a PCI card with one DVI and one VGA, it automatically disabled the on board VGA adapter...I also tried adding a 2nd video adapter with 1 VGA port and 1 DVI port bringing it up to a total of 5 video connections but cannot get more than 2 to work at any given time....Someone mentioned a S/W product called  Crossfire but haven't tried it yet?

Any Ideas ?
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Crossfire is a protocol to tie compatible cards together.
In the BIOS can you enable the onboard after adding the PCIE card?
IN device manager do you see all the ports?

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gtallisAuthor Commented:
The BIOS have several PCI options but none of them worked, and the onboard never comes alive regardless of what mode I put it in.

Device Manager only showed 2 monitors and one video adapter even with both cards in the PC?
With this system the onboard is disabled when an addin card is installed. What are the makes and models of the other 2 cards?
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Yep, the compatibility falls between the cards and motherboard.  If you have two ATI - Crossfire or Nvidia -SLI graphic cards you can get 3 or four running.  However if they aren't very decent graphic cards even if you get three working the drivers/software may not allow you to have 3 independent desktops only 2 and one cloned.  In any case, as jamietoner suggested we could probably provide you with some more specific answers if you list the make and model of the cards/computer.
gtallisAuthor Commented:
Not sure of the exact makes and models but I will verify in the AM. I believe one card is a Nvidia ne200 and the other is a 8200 but I need to confirm, not there at the moment.

I will reply in the morning.

Thanks for your input
gtallisAuthor Commented:
OK didtaltechy I will verify that in the AM EST...

Thank you
gtallisAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you Jamietoner and digitaltechy - come to find out the ST (Slim Tower) version of the Dell Vostro will NOT support more than 2 monitors regardless......We sent them back for replacment and purchased the MT (Mini-Tower) version of the Vostro and ordered it witht he 3 Port video adapter pre-installed which I know works for the same solution.
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