GroupWise 8 and Exchange 2010 Clients

Can the GroupWise 8 and Exchange 2010 Clients coexist on the same PC.  Our situation is that we are moving our mail and calendaring from GroupWise to Exchange but need to retain our GroupWise Libraries for the time being.

Thank you
maemckayIS ManagerAsked:
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It seems that they can (I assume you mean Outlook 2010?).

Check this out:
Yes, that's a good link and I will just add first hand experience, as I have them both on my laptop right now, working with no problems...
Likewise, as long as GroupWise is installed last if you want to get to the GW address book or Outlook is installed last in order to get to the Exchange GAL you'll be fine.  Accessing the GW libraries doesn't use MAPI like getting into the address book does.

I have a couple of VMs with both Outlook and GW on them to access either side for migration both directions. (Yes some folks actually migrate from Exchange to GroupWise).

Muzafar MominCommented:
yes go for it
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