Why does my employees keep loosing their printers after they are added?

My employee keeps loosing her printer. Today her print spooler was stopped. Is this a common windows 7 issue? What can I do?
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This is not common I would look through the even logs to see what is causing it.

I know if you deploy printers using scripts this will not work very well with 7 and may cause the issues.
The spooler service stopping most likely is an incompatible driver issue, I would check with the manufacturers website to see if there is an updated driver available, as the current drivers may have been installed using the install CD which may be out of date.

The event viewer should coincide and point out the problematic print driver too.

You may have some corruption, stop the Print Spooler service and delete contents of the C:\Windows\System32\spool\printers folder, then start up the Print Spooler service and see that performs for you.

Hope this helps.
It could be a specific print job that keeps crashing the spooler. Windows will keep the job in the spooler, so when you restart, the spooler starts up, finds the job, tries to print it, and crashes again. This will make all printers "disappear."

Try this:

1) Stop the print spooler if it's running from the Services control panel (type services in the start box)
2) Go to the spool folder: Windows + R to bring up the old Run box, then type spool)
3) Open the Printers subfolder
4) Delete any jobs in the folder
5) Go back to services and start the print spooler
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