Access Denied Error Restoring Exchange 2007 mailbox from Backup Exec 2010 R2

We are running Backup Exec 2010 on Windows 2003 Server and backing up our Exchange 2007 SP3 Information Stores to tape using GRT.  Backups are running fine with no error.  However, we are not able to restore a user mailbox from tape backup.  We created a Recovery Storage Group on the Exchange 2007 server and re-directed the restore to the RSG as per article 

We configured the job to stage on a non-system drive (d:\temp) with plenty of free space on the media server.  The job goes through the staging process and then fails with the error:

Backup Exec Alert: Job Failed
(Server: "EDMS") (Job: "Restore 00356") Restore 00356 -- The job failed with the following error: Cannot extract mailbox messages from the Exchange backup. Review the job log for more information.  The following error was returned when opening the Exchange database file -1907 Access is denied.

We are using the same service account for the restore job that has been working fine for the Exchange backup jobs.  Any ideas what is causing this error?
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First, make sure you are performing a full backup of the information store and not just a GRT (log files won't purge)
Second, I don't believe you can perform a GRT restore to a recovery storage group
If it is possible, you would need to perform a restore of the database first
A GRT backup (aka brick level) requires the existence of a database
City_of_Del_Mar_ITAuthor Commented:
Yes, we are doing a full backup of the Info. Store w/ GRT enabled.   Our Exchange backups to tape were running fine but I just tried a b2d backup of our Info Store and I received the same 1907 Access is denied error.  
City_of_Del_Mar_ITAuthor Commented:
Got this issued resolved on my own. Gave up on Symantec after 3 hours on hold...
I think the access denied errors were caused by disabled user accounts in AD that still had mailboxes. Once I cleaned up the old user accounts and removed mailboxes, I was able to run the restore succesfully.  I also duplicated the tape backup set to a USB disk and ran the restore from there.
The first RSG mount failed. The GUI tool used to create the RSG didn't use the correct paths for the System and Log files (they need to be in the same directory).  I created a new RSG using the command shell and re-ran the restore job. RSG mounted successfully after that.   Had to increase the "baditemlimit" parameter when moving the restored mailbox to another active mailbox - was getting errors that the corrupted message limit had been exceeded and the moves were failing.  

Here are the commands I used in case anyone else runs into this issue:

new-storagegroup -Server ponto -LogFolderPath 'F:\StorageGroupLogs\RSG1\' -Name "Recovery Storage Group" -SystemFolderPath 'F:\StorageGroupLogs\RSG1\' -Recovery

new-mailboxdatabase -mailboxdatabasetorecover "Mailbox Database" -storagegroup PONTO\RSG1 -EDBFilePath 'E:\ExchangeDB\RSG1\mailbox database.edb'

set-mailboxdatabase -identity 'ponto\RSG1\Mailbox Database' -AllowFileRestore:$True

mount-database -identity 'ponto\RSG1\Mailbox Database'

Restore-Mailbox -RSGMailbox 'User mailbox' -RSGDatabase 'ponto\RSG1\Mailbox Database' -id 'Exchange temp' -TargetFolder 'Mdelin Email' -ExcludeFolders "\Junk E-Mail","\Contacts","\Deleted Items","\calendar","\Sent Items","\Drafts" -StartDate '01/21/11' -EndDate '02/07/11' –BadItemLimit 3000


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they key here is that you went to a normal restore and not the GRT
City_of_Del_Mar_ITAuthor Commented:
I figured it out on my own
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