I think i'm doing something wrong with rsync - i wanted to run rsync to do a full backup then just backup the files that have changed - i found that rsync -av wasn't working for me so i tried rsync -rlpt last night, then tried it again but it's taking as long as yesterday. which can't be right, i did a ls -alt on the directory i'm backing up before i ran rsync and only a few files and directories changed since yesterday, so the backup should be much faster. is there some other way to run rsync
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Also use -z to compress the tranmission

rsync -auz
I use -auv
-u skip files that are newer on the receiver

By the way, -a include -l and -t, so -alt is the same as -a.
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
i looked at the man page for rsync and -a is like -rlptgoD but i can't use oD, so shouldn't
rsync -rlptguz
do essitially the same as
rsync -auz
without the oD of course
one other thing that seems strange is i'm doing a du -s on the target pc and the directory got larger for a bit, then shrank.
another thing i just thought i should mention i'm backing up from a hpux box to a linux box - would that affect rsync?
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Run it again with

rsync -av --stats .....

The --stats option gives you useful information as to the number of files transferred, the amount of data etc.
do not use -z unless you have very slow network between two hosts (over the internet).
It will slow down the process..
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
ok, I CAN'T use rsync -av - I have to use rsync -rlpt , i did also run --stat and this is what it came up with

number of files: 15921
number of files transfered: 398
total file size 16650797862 bytes
total transferred file size: 10579788509 bytes
literal data: 10579793629 bytes
matched data: 0 bytes
file list size: 325233
files list generation time: 0.001 seconds
files list transfer time: 0.000 seconds
total bytes sent: 10581427274
total bytes received: 7952

sent 10581427247 bytes  received 7952  2582412.50 bytes/sec
total size is 16650797862  speedup is 1.57

from the stats i get the impression that rsync spends a lot of time analyzing files, looking at the status - would there be a way to speed up rsync? i think it takes about an hour and 1/2 to run.  when i did a ls of the directory i'm backing up, not a lot of files are changing, so i thought the backup would be like 20 minutes.
Well. you have 1/4 of files be rsynced (398/15921). But the transfered file size is 2/3 (10.5GB/16GB).
In other words, there are a lot of modified files are big-sized files. aren't they?
Transfer speed is 2.58Mb/s is not bad.

If you use NFS mount HPUX disk on Linux, please post the NFS mount option?
@wesly_chen - actually it's not 1/4, but 1/40 (.025) as the number of files, but it just reinforces your statement that it is the size of the changed files and not the number of files.

I've seen some speedup in other situations when we use the rsync client/server setup rather than nfs.  See:
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
thank you.
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