TimounterMonitor.exe - unable to locate component

I tried to uninstall the trial Acronis ABR 10 agent from the windows server 2003 enterprise edition.  then tried to install it again without restarting the machine.  It gies the message that the process Timountermonitor.exe is running.  I checked on the internet and found that this process is used by acronis.  then I stopped it.

After that I m getting this message - Window title "timounterMonitor.exe - unable to locate component.

This application has failed to start because fox.dll was not found.  Re-install the application may fix the problem.

This machine is running MS Exchange 2007 standard edition.

I want to know if I restart this machine would not cause any issue.  

I will appreciate a quick response.
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elawAuthor Commented:
Run the utility ABR cleanup and it resolved the issue.  But you have to make sure that you are using the right utility for the particular version
elawAuthor Commented:
Becuase this is resolved the issue
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