Excel 2011 for Mac - 'Mail PDF' launches Apple Mail rather than Outlook 2011

In Excel 2011 when you goto Print - PDF - Mail PDF
this launches a new mail within Apple Mail with your new PDF
Now as you would expect - as i've installed Office 2011 I want this to launch the new PDF in Outlook 2011

I've checked both Apple Mail and Outlook confirm that Outlook is the default mail client

Any ideas where else i need to set this?...

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1. Go to the folder Macintosh HD->Applications-->Microsoft Office 2011 and make an alias of Outlook (I will assume you know how to do each of these steps, ask if you don't).

2. Change the name of the alias to just "Outlook" or "Email in Outlook" etc.

3. Open a new Finder window, navigate to Macintosh HD->Library, look for a folder called "PDF Services"

4. Drag that Outlook alias you made into the PDF Services folder.

5. Go back to your Excel worksheet, hit Command-P again, and this time you will see an addition to the PDF drop down menu -- either "Outlook" or whatever else you called it - that should accomplish what you're trying to do.
Brian GeeCommented:
Try to see what the default email client indicates from here:

Open Mail (/Applications/Mail) > from Mail menu choose Preferences > General button. See what the default email client is here and update if necessary.
nexusitcomsAuthor Commented:
Yobri - Mail preference is def set to Outlook

Schaps - I'll give that a shot and let you know
TracyVBA DeveloperCommented:
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