MOSS 2007 and IIS help - start content web site: "IIS was unable to start the site. Another site may be using the port you configured for this site..."

Hi All,

I re-created our Sharepoint 2007 farm from scratch.  Everything was looking great (I could see the content, everything had restored correctly) until I did an IISreset.  Now when I try to start up the SharePoint web site in IIS, I get the following message: "IIS was unable to start the site. Another site may already be using the port you configured for this site. Please select an unused port for this site."

My sharepoint site is on port 80.  The only other site I can see that runs port 80 is the Default web site which is stopped.  I checked IIS in our old production environment and this exactly matches what I see there.

Central admin and the SSP web sites start up just fine in IIS.  

And, as I mentioned the site was starting up in IIS just fine, I could browse it and change the site settings, until I copied over the web.config from production and did an IISreset.  

Any thoughts or help will be greatly appreciated!
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Something is running on port 80.  I would (a) try telnetting the localhost on port 80 and (b) use a tool like Sysinternals Process Viewer to see what is running.  You didn't install another web server did you?
Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
I concur, there is most likely another application running that wants port 80.
I've seen this behaviour happening exactly as described, however if you restart the server then it works again.
This is specifically because of the binding order created when the services are started after the reboot.
The startup order is controlled by the ServiceGroupOrder and typically the Microsoft services get started first before loading the 3rd party services.
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