Memory for HP Pavilion a520n

HP Pavilion a520n

There is only 512mb of memory on this machine and it has been restored to it's default condition in Windows XP with service pack2.  Needless to say this not ideal today.  My question is, what can this computer handle efficiently?  

I need to know how much and what kind of memory it can have and where to buy a stable form of it afford-ably.  A link would be great.  

Also, will this machine handle Windows 7 efficiently if I buy more memory?

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Not to hawk a website, but you may want to check and use their memory configurator - it'll tell you what exactly your machine can take.  Then shop for it wherever you want.

A computer that age, probably will not run win7 to its full potential however.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Here are your specifications.

Windows 7 perhaps.

The HP site above says this system will only take 1 Gb of memory maximum but Crucial says it may take 2 Gb of memory but uses the word POSSIBLY in red there.  Note the conflict between HP and Crucial.

If the system would take 2 Gb of RAM (2 x 1 Gb sticks.  See the Crucial link above) it would run Windows 7.  Perhaps a little slowly.  You'd probably need to buy a graphics card for it to make the graphics perform reasonably.

If it takes only 1 Gb of memory then forget about going to Windows 7.  It will run Windows XP better than before.
Rikin ShahMicrosoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantCommented:
Looking at its configuration-

it can have maximum of 2GB DDR RAM support. Windows 7 will work on this configuration; but it depends on what other softwares you're gonna install on it and for what purpose you use them.

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rtod2Author Commented:
That's interesting.  Crucial is the most expensive memory around.  I tried and found the same stuff but I do not know whether I need low or high density.  I found 1gb chips from 1st choice memory on pricewatch for $18 including shipping but they say no nvidia chipsets which is what I have according to this >>

I know I need non-ecc.  What is the specification that would eliminate nvidia chipsets.  More assistance is needed.  Even $20 each it seems to me is highway robbery for this old of a machine.  Crucial would want $100 for both.  

I have a headache now.  :)

Thanks for all the help on this.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:

but this will still cost you around $100 total.
According to Kingston:

it uses DDR-333 (aka PC-2700) RAM.  Their part number is KTC-D320/1G for the modules "certified" for your model of computer.  Kingston claims you can put 2 1G modules in the computer, which sounds contrary to what was cited here from HP's site.  It is hard to say which is correct.

The RAM can be had through regular retail sources for $40-45 each.  You can find them for less on eBay, with the usual caveats about eBay.

The incompatibility is probably related to high- vs. low-density.  I have not had any success with high-density RAM, but that could just be that I've not run into the right computer for it.  Low-density should work in anything.

You could also shop for generic RAM of those specs (DDR333) and it is very likely (but not guaranteed) to work.

Regarding "Even $20 each.. is highway robbery for this old of a machine": older styles of RAM have always been more expensive that newer styles.  Cost of manufacturing was higher in the past, among other reasons.  I think $20 is quite reasonable.  Of course, you can find better pricing with used modules, but you have risks there.
rtod2Author Commented:
Memory for HP Pavilion
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