How setup a PERC6/i controller

I have a PERC6/i controller with 4 300GB 15k SAS HDD in RAID0, however, regardless, the settings defined in the RAID, the performance is really poor; depending of the settings sometimes I can get almost 450MB/s read but only 80MB/s write.

What kind of raid setting should I make to increase the writing performance and keep the same reading average?
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You probably aren't sending I/O in such a way to take advantage of the RAID0.  In order to get your 400MB/sec you need to

1. make sure the block size you are writing is a whole number multiple of the block size you configured.   Chances are that it is not.  Well, chances are guaranteed that it is not, or you would get that level of performance.

2. With RAID0, why in the heck are you wasting money on a RAID controller anyway?  It will actually be a bottleneck no matter what you do, all you can hope for is to minimize the inefficiency.  

3. Your host computer/OS is probably writing much more than you think, especially if this is  a filesystem test.

4. Your filesystem parameters are vital.   You may have things like journaling and updating last-access times whenever you write.

Are you sure that you have write Cache enabled on the Raid 0 Virtual Disk, you can only set this in the controller bios or by using Open Manage Server Administrator
the write cache setting wouldn't make any difference with this I/O load.
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