Importing pst files into SBS 2008

I have used exmerge to create pst files from a SBS 2003 machine.  I am setting up a new server with SBS 2008.  I have read many many articles on the need to set up a 32 bit machine to complete this process.  I have a XP SP3 with Outlook 2003.  I have Exchange SP3 on the server and therefore downloaded Exchange 2007 SP3 32bit and installed the .Net framework, the Management console and the Windows PowerShell on it.  When I start the Powershell and run the cmdlet import-mailboxes -identity -pstfolderpath c:\pstfiles costumes I get the error "import-mailboxes is not recognized as a cmdlet, etc.  I have spent several hours trying to resolve this. I did see a posting with a solution that said need to turn off the firewall.  I found several postings that said to do that edit the GPO to disable the firewall but I could not get it to work so I just disabled the firewall service on the XP machine.  I am not sure that was the problem but I did it and it did not resolve.  I have set the users with exchange administrator role and also as local administrator on the XP machine.  I found some references to a pssnapin that had to be added but got no where with that.  I really am at a loss on what to try next and would appreciate any help to get this resolved.  Exmerge was soooo easy.
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The command is
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Two things:

First, the command is import-mailbox.  ...   Not import-mailboxes , the latter will report command not found because it isn't a valid command.

Secondly, if you are launching a simple powershell window, that won't load the exchange cmdlets, so again the command will not be found. You must type the proper command into tge "exchange management shell" which is a custom powershell environment that is installed when you nstall the 32-bit exchange 2007 management tools.

while firewall rule can interfere with importing mailboxes, they won't produce the error you reported. Something more basic is wrong or being missed.


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You can use exmerge against Exchange 2007 even though it is not supported by MS
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dashmanAuthor Commented:
I missed typed the command that I was using.  It is import-mailbox not mailboxes.  When I look at the power shell that opens it does say "windows power shell".  So I have just started the setup process again and when I went to the next step in the installation process I did not see that there were two choices: install exchange server typical and custom.  I had chosen next for typical and got an error saying could not install on 32 bit.  But now I went to custom and installed only the management tools.  So now I do have the exchange shell and can run the cmdlets.  I did not realize that the pst files had to be on the local workstation but when I did move them there it WORKED.  Thanks. But I still think exmerge was so much easier for basic moving of pst files.
Yep, I miss exmerge and as I said earlier, you can still use it against exchange 2007 even though it is not officially supported
Thanks for the points :-(

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