SandBox vs Farm Solution

Hi I am new to SharePoint..

Can anyone help to know the difference between Sanboxed and Farm solution in SharePoint 2010?

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missjenniferdayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, A Sandboxed solution only allows the code limited access to resources - for example, you can't access the file system using a sandboxed solution; also a sandboxed solution can be deployed easily by a site collection administrator - as it doesn't have to be installed on the server via central admin. Sandbxed solutions also run in a different process.

Farm solutions however do have full access to the SharePoint resources, so therefore can cause all sorts of issues if the code is not quite right.  

Certain types of solution can only be deployed as farm solutions because they add files into the _layouts folder, so the option to deploy as a sandboxed solution is not available in Visual Studio.

Generally, try to write your solutions as sandboxed ones :)

sansofturaAuthor Commented:
Need more explanation
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