Shared Fax, SBS2008

On my SBS2008 Server I installed the FaxService with the SBS Console.

When I send a Fax from my Windows 7Pro Client the Fax is put in the "Personal" SendItems folder of my Computer.
But I'd really like to share the faxes, so the other users in my network can also see the faxes I send.

How can I accomplish this?
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Jackie ManCommented:
The files for your sent faxes should be in the location below.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows NT\MSFax\SentItems

You need to take ownerships for the folders "MSFax" and sub-folder "SentItems" before youc can access the .tif files inside the "SentItems" folder.

Afterward, create a share in your server so that everyone in your network have read rights only and you have the read/write rights.

Download and install synctoy 2.1 from the link below.

and create an echo sync between
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows NT\MSFax\SentItems and the share in your server.

Details of the procedure are in the link below.
Jackie ManCommented:
"the Fax is put in the "Personal" SendItems folder of my Computer." <- Do you mean the Perosnal Send Items folder of Outlook 2010?
Jackie ManCommented:
If your fax sent folder is on outlook on exchange server, try the link below
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paulleyAuthor Commented:
@Jackieman, I dont use Outlook, but I Print the fax to the Fax-Printer (Windows Fax and Scan Printerdriver)

Jackie ManCommented:
so, where is "Personal" SendItems folder of my Computer?
paulleyAuthor Commented:
In the "Windows Fax and Scan" Application. (WFS)

This application is on the CLient and also at the Server
I'd expected when Sending a Fax that this will be put in the Send Items of the WFS on the server, but its only in the Local WFS- Send Items Folder
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