Need help debugging a very slow Mysql ODBC connection

I have Delphi application that access MySQL 5.1 installed on Linux. We are using MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver. This application works fine on our XP clients but not on a new windows 7 machine. The connection is very slow, a simple task takes 10 seconds, and it should take just a few milliseconds. I have installed Mysql Workbench and it is working perfect from the win 7 machine.

This is the connection string I use:
    con.ConnectionString :=
    'DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 5.1 Driver};'
    + 'SERVER=' + server.text + ';'
    + 'PORT=3306;'
    + 'DATABASE=' + database.text + ';'
    + 'User=' + username.text + ';'
    + 'PASSWORD=' + password.text + ';'
    + 'OPTION=3;';

con = TADOConnection

Please note that I have no problem with establishing a connection, the problem is the long response time after the connection is established.

I have removed Norton, no change.
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evassvagAuthor Commented:
In "ODBC Data Source Administrator" Tracing tab. Tracing was activated, I deactivated it and the connection is as fast as it should be.
Run the application as administrator
evassvagAuthor Commented:
I was already running it as administrator
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Try to set firewall settings, reset exceptions property (port, IP, program)
try to uninstall Mysql Workbench, restart, reinstall mysql odbc, then try the connection.
evassvagAuthor Commented:
I uninstalled workbench, no change in speed after booting. I reinstalled mysql odbc, no change. I uninstalled mysql odbc and got an error message as expected. I then installed mysql-connector-odbc-5.1.8-winx64 (complete). I booted and  then connected but still slow.
I guess it's a network configuration problem of win7, follow this steps;

At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:
netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

If it does not work;
Set this to your win7 Lan Card device driver;

Large Send Offload v2 (IPv4) - Disable
Large Send Offload v2 (IPv6) - Disable

- Start Menu -> Control Panel
- Network and Internet
- Network and Sharing Center
- Choose Local Area Connection
near the top on the right;
- Press "Properties" button
- Press "Configure" button
- Pick "Advanced" tab
evassvagAuthor Commented:
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It solved the problem
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