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Hi All,

 I manage a network with 20 different servers running MS, SQL, Exchange 2007, Cisco Vlan, ISA , etc, I need to prepare a monthly reports about my network usage, for example disk usage, downtime  time if any, cisco cpu usages , SQL database size growth , etc. any free reporting tools which can help me to do this task.

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This won't cost you a dime and you can make it as elaborate as you want.

Its best to setup a dedicated box to gather these statistics.  I am in a similar situation as you and this is the setup I have.  It will take a little leg work, but the effort is worth it if the information is valuable to you.
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
PRTG is a favorite of mine allthough free version is limited in the maximum number of measure points.

But have a look at this page:
Free stuff enough :)
Hi there.

Take a look at these free SNMP-based monitoring tools:

Groundwork Open Source

These will require a dedicated server or VM, and probably a lot of tweaking to get the Cisco CPUs, etc.
Personally, I just messed around a bit with GWOS, but Zabbix looks pretty much the same, with the advantage of having an appliance VM available for download, so maybe you'll be seeing some data faster with Zabbix.
If you can spend a little more and want something that is more out-of-the-box that MRTG look at Solarwinds Orion Network Monitoring and Application Monitoring.
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