Receiving old mails when outlook account is created

Experts ! I have thousands of emails in my inbox on exchange . I want to make blackberry sync only few mails like 1 month old or 2 months old. How can i make it ?. Also  After recreating an account in outlook it starts receiving pop3 mails from starting . Is there anyway that I can make outlook  avoid the oldmails and  receive the new mails which are not existing in outlook.

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ivoicenetworksConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
none of these comments solved my problem. Actually I asked if there is any hidden option exist in exchange server or outlook client , to make the clients to receive only  from the perticullar date . But I dont want to delete or move the old mails from exchange
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
With POP3 - if you create an account on a new computer, ALL emails on the server will be downloaded and then once they have all been downloaded, only the new ones will be received the next time.

Outlook keeps a note of which ones it has / has not downloaded, so when you create a new account, it hasn't received any messages, thus treats them all as new.

Let it download the lot and then zap the ones you don't want.
Create a folder on the exchange server and move the old emails to that server. You can create a rule that automatically moves email older than one month to that folder.

POP3 only access emails from the inbox folder so it will only download latest emails. Same solution will work for your BB device.
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ivoicenetworksAuthor Commented:
hi saadahmed thanks for your reply !  creating folder means , Should i create a outlook exchange client account  and create a rule for exchaneg account ?  
No just create new folder in your inbox, you will see the option to create the new folder when you right click in the folder tree in your mailbox.

You can create rules to move emails to that folder from your inbox too.

If you need more help let me know which mail client you are using (Web Access or Outlook) I will forward you screen shots.
ivoicenetworksAuthor Commented:
closing my question because I realised there is no solution for this .
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