increase a office Internet speed

my friends office have a 10M ADSL Broadband from a Telco (ISP) and  shared among the office with a LINKSYS 10/100 - 12 Port Switch -Cat 5e and they have 9 users in the office.

Though it gives 10M Internet speed of 10M according to the ISP once i check from the individual machines that runs Win-XP-Pro gets only 1.5 M as internet speed.

How to i increase the individual machine internet speeds here?

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Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
I think you mean
Does the speedtest come out differently on different computers?

You should be getting close to 10Mbps with the test on Download Speed.  Anything over 8 is probably as good as you  might expect.

With 1.5 I would suspect the telco - really.  Or maybe your modem is old and not capable (which I rather doubt but they do provide new modems when going to 10Mbps).
How do you know "Though it gives 10M Internet speed of 10M according to the ISP "?
You might check the speed that the modem is reporting.  Right now my "10" says 9822kbps.
I'd almost bet that your modem reports closer to the 1.5.

Otherwise, might there be any QoS running on your network that throttles the clients to 1.5?
JAN PAKULAICT Infranstructure ManagerCommented:
How many computers are on the network? Are there any other comouters using the Internet when you do the speed test?
If you get that speed when all other computers are off/not using the internet, then you are definitely not getting 10Mbps from the ISP.

There are some QoS bandwidth management tools out there, if you really need it, but 1,5 Mbps is a good speed to access the Internet, on most cases. And it would probably be cheaper to just upgrade the internet access to a better speed.
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The link is being shared by all the computers in the may be other systems are also using the bandwidth at the time of the test...
you can terminate your internet connection on a single system rather than switch and chk the download speed...but remember that download is measured in bytes however bandwidth is measured in bits...
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
It depends on what test you're running. reports out in Mbps.
My modem reports out in kbps .. a factor of 1,000 higher.
But, as shubhanshu points out, a timed file tranfer size would most likely be measured in bytes or kbytes.  To convert from bytes to bits, multiply by 8 .. or perhaps by 10 to get a raw throughput number (assuming that bytes may be encoded or that there's some other overhead).
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