99-file limit error when trying to burn a DVD

I’m trying to use CyberLink’s PowerDirector 8 Ultra software to burn approx. 300 small video onto one DVD, but I’m getting the 99-file limit.  The DVD has enough space to hold the files.  The hang-up is the software limitation on 99 files.  How do I get around this problem?
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The problem you are encountering is due to the limitations of the DVD standard. More specifically, it's a limitation of the Video Title Set (or VTS). More information about VTS (and the DVD standard) can be found here:


and here:


and here:

http://www.mediachance.com/dvdlab/Helppro/vts.htm (this one is really good at explaining VTS)

Think of it like chapters in a book. This book is limited to 99 chapters. Within each chapter of our 'book', we can have up to 99 pages. So, in theory, our video 'book' should be able to hold a maximum of 9801 pages.

The workaround is to re-organize your videos so that they are grouped into multiple video title sets. Here's an example:

DVD  - Our family memories

Chapter 1 (VTS_01) - The early years
Clip 1 (VTS_01_01) - Me learning to ride my bike
Clip 2 (VTS_01_02) - Me coming home from the hospital after wrecking my bike
...(more clips here)

Chapter 2 (VTS_02) - 1st prom
Clip 1 (VTS_02_01) - Me in the 'penguin suit'
Clip 2 (VTS_02_02) - Me picking up my date
...(more clips here)

So, by creating multiple titles and grouping clips you can add get all those videos onto a single disc.

Hope this helps,

Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
Will the DVD will be used only in computers and not in a DVD player?  A possible workaround might be to transcode the files using a PC codec, write an HTML menu, and burn the disk as a data DVD rather than a video DVD.
RichhockeyAuthor Commented:
The DVD will be used for DVD players.  
Try windows Live Moviemaker if you have downloaded windows live essentials
It's excellent.
And burns pretty cool menues and chapters
Works only in windows 7 however. or Vista not XP
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