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Hey how do I find if anyone accessing oracle 11g database on linux. I mean which users are accessing the database and what are there doing. I really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance
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where status = 'ACTIVE'
select username,sid, status,program,server,type,serial#
from v$session order by username
where status = 'ACTIVE'

Try this instead of select * from
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
To get 'what' they are doing and when, you need to turn on auditing.

V$session will tell you who is currently logged in but not a history of who was logged in over time.

You can also look in the listener log file to see who has been connecting.
I find that having status='ACTIVE' actually filters out some users who are online but are currently not running anything.

This is what I use:

select a.username, b.sql_text, a.status
from v$session a, v$sqlarea b
where a.sql_address = b.address(+)
and a.username is not null;
More detail you can also use based on @johanntagle

select a.sid, a.serial#, b.sql_text,a.username,b.sql_text,a.status
  from v$session a, v$sqlarea b
  where a.sql_address=b.address(+)
  and a.username is not null

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turn on auditting to get a historical list of activity

the results will be in DBA_AUDIT_TRAIL
I sometimes use this also

select sid, serial#, username, a.status
  from v$session a, v$sqlarea b
 where b.hash_value = a.prev_hash_value
 and a.username is not null;
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Oracle Database

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