Installing a Remote destop Services

I am in the process of setting up my first windows 2008 server (remote desktop services). Can anyone send me and install guide. I just need 5 users to login via a remote desktop connection and be presented with their desktop. All users will have the same desktop just running office 2010.
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Clear1975Author Commented:
Thanks for that. I have got that so far as setting up my users and they can all remote desktop to the server. However I do not want them to be able to access the server and see for example Server Manager etc. How do I lock the desktop down?
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Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
You can just have them login with a non admin account. You can specify a desktop in GPO.

Typically RDP is to administer a server have you considered just sharing resources like a folder?
Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
This applies to the wallpaper but it should lead you to the area with the desktop. I'm not sure it will work since you are taking the user to the server but you could give it a try.

Basically users get their desktop from a share on the server. Unless you disable programs like Windows Explorer they will still be able to find local resources so it would be best not to let them in via RDP if they are not people you want administering your server.

Logging in as a non admin should keep users from running some commands but I'd look for another solution. Maybe shares or VPN.
Clear1975Author Commented:
Thanks will look at that. The server is in a remote location and the users only have thin clients. They will use the terminal server to get their desktop that will include office etc. Hope that makes sense.
Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
Since they have thin clients you should be able to just publish the applications they need through Citrix.
Clear1975Author Commented:
I thought the point of terminal services was that you could create a desktop for users and have them use remote desktop connection to access thier desktop???
Take a look here:

This solution has links that will explain how to lock down the client sessions.

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