Running Windows 7 pro, trying to connect to a network via VPN using pptp keep getting an 807 error not much experiance with Windows VPN any ideas

customer gave me address, user-name password no domain using PPTP connection using windows 7 pro. Firewall/router DMZ's to this machine and my software firewall Zone Alarm  has been set-up for tcip port 1723 under the trusted zone.
Any help would be cool thanks folks
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danleinAuthor Commented:
The service was running I turned off the Zone Alarm fixed the problem, would rather know the settings so I can keep it on but I can call Them, you put me on the right path thanks.
Randy DownsOWNERCommented:
This apply?  -

"The "Routing and Remote Access" service was disabled"
DarinTCHSenior CyberSecurity EngineerCommented:
we had some suggestions on this before

see post ID:22979129

and mentioned tools
Microsoft has a pair of test tools pptpsrv and pptpclnt, to test for GRE pass-through, which are available as part of the Windows resource kit or from:;displaylang=en&familyid=49ae8576-9bb9-4126-9761-ba8011fabf38&displaylang=en

Log onto the client or VPN server machine and connect to the other with remote desktop, or a similar remote management tool. At a command line on the client machine, run pptpclnt and on the server run pptpsrv. The client machine will send a set of GRE packets to the server and it should show as received if GRE is able to pass. The server is then supposed to respond and the client indicate received, but I have never had that part work. The one direction client to server is usually enough to test.

Following links outline the use of the test tools:

also see post about the difference in win 7 and xp accessing the VPN
danleinAuthor Commented:
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danleinAuthor Commented:
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