Email rejected from a particular domain

We are using Exchange 2010 SP1. We are facing a typical problem as mails have been rejected by a particular domain ( We are having no with other domains as they are accepting mails. While sending mails to we are getting undeliverable mails saying " rejected your message to the following e-mail addresses:"
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Get the MX records for the domain you are sending to and telnet to their IP.
Test it with telnet but use your information as needed:

To use telnet to test SMTP communication


      Open a telnet session: From a command prompt, type telnet, and then press ENTER.

      Type set local_echo on a computer running Microsoft Windows® 2000 Server or SET LOCALECHO on a computer running Windows Server™ 2003 or Windows XP, and then press ENTER. This command allows you to view the responses to the commands.
      For a list of available telnet commands, type set ?.

      Type o <your mail server domain> 25,and then press ENTER.

      Type EHLO <your mail server domain>, and then press ENTER.

      Type AUTH LOGIN. The server responds with an encrypted prompt for your user name.

      Enter your user name encrypted in base 64. You can use one of several tools that are available to encode your user name.

      The server responds with an encrypted base 64 prompt for your password. Enter your password encrypted in base 64.

      Type MAIL FROM:<>, and then press ENTER. If the sender is not permitted to send mail, the SMTP server returns an error.

      Type RCPT TO:<>,and then press ENTER.If the recipient is not a valid recipient or the server does not accept mail for this domain, the SMTP server returns an error.

      Type DATA.

      If desired, type message text, press ENTER, type a period (.), and then press ENTER again.

      If mail is working properly, you should see a response similar to the following indicating that mail is queued for delivery:

      250 2.6.0 <

If it gives you an error something they have set in their exchange is causing the issue.
Most common cause of rejected emails from a domain is spam abuse.  It's possible that at some point in time your companies email addresses could have been used by an outside abuser, thus tagging them as spam and causing them to be rejected by certain domains.  This happened at my company.

The destination server could also have the spam settings extremely sensitive and rejecting the emails based on the content (too many links, etc, etc).

I'd contact the recipient and ask if they have had any troubles getting emails from anybody else.  Also send an email to them from an address other than your company (like hotmail or gmail) and see if they get it.
hchabriaAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your prompt reply. Let me elaborate my problem once more:

1.  We have Exchange 2010 SP1 DAG environment.

2.  One of the DAG member server is having HUB Transport + Mail Box + Client Access roles installed  

3.  We have another server which is holding only HUB Transport role.

3.  We don't have any problem with the server which is having  HUB Transport + Mail Box + Client Access roles installed. Using that server we are able to send and receive mails to all domains.

4.  Now if we use the second server which is having only HUB Transport role installed, mails are getting rejected from a particular domain.

I am confused what may be the problem !!
hchabriaAuthor Commented: correction:

The second server is having HUB Transport and CAS role installed.
You'll need to contact the destination domain mail handler.

If one of your servers can send to it and the other cannot, they are doing IP based blocking.

(Assuming that the outgoing smtp connect is coming from two different IP addresses.)


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