which is better delphi xe or delphi 2009?

Hi, I'd like to know which is better delphi xe or delphi 2009?

the only reason why I'm saying this is because I'm unable to use both, as when I install delphi xe, delphi 2009 doesn't work..

though when I comply exe, there is a 400kb increase in exe size, why is that?

is delphi worse or better?

in delphi xe, a empty exe is 900kb

in delphi 2009, a empty exe is 400kb
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Define "does not work"? I have different versions of Delphi on my machine, and do not encounter a problem. What doesn't work exactly?

Personally, I believe Delphi XE is much better. Generally, the later release is better than a previous one (especially since Delphi 2009 was the first Unicode edition).

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Ephraim WangoyaCommented:

Go with DelphiXE
Should be better than 2009

Installing two versions should not be a problem, What I do is virtualize my workstation and I have different versions of Delphi in different virtual machines
eNarcAuthor Commented:
when I open up delphi 2009. this error comes up.

value can not be null.
parameter name: key.

though why is the exe so large when nothing was in it?

it does seem nicer though, dxe and it complies my other apps too
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Executable files are larger mainly because of enhanced RTTI in Delphi (added in the last two versions) compared to Delphi 2009.

It looks like Dlephi 2009 did not get all updates installed. What's the version number in the About box?
After installing all updates the error may automatically go away - there's a 'Check for Updates' option in the CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 Start menu group that will download and install the updates for you.

>   value can not be null.
>   parameter name: key.

That can happen due to a incompatible component installed or may be unsupported version of component.

For the size, this question has already been asked at edn:
The error has been reported before, will be gone once you install the updates for Delphi 2009 (see my previous answer).
>>as when I install delphi xe, delphi 2009 doesn't work..
Ahm, try this on Delphi XE,  XE is better.

>>in delphi xe, a empty exe is 900kb
>>in delphi 2009, a empty exe is 400kb
Answered by jimyX links or use a compressor. rq., upx <using>
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
the latest version always has the most features
the latest version is not necessarily the best

just look at how many people stayed on delphi 7
it was a very mature version

as of 2009 ... there was unicode, something new is never at it's best when first introduced
you can't get any feedback until you give it people to try
i always wait 1 or 2 versions after the new idea introduction

eNarcAuthor Commented:
I've been able to use delphi xe, so I'm back on d2009
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