Siebel: I do not have CTI capabilities (call recognition)

I am totally desperate... I am new to Siebel without any official help...(it is very difficult to find any help for Siebel. Not even books. This secrecy is the biggest disadvantage and the Achilles heel of Seibel and a key reason for not you prefer).
I have Siebel 6.0 with a database in Sql Server 2000 and the cti of Dialogic-the CT Connect (now a product of Syntellect).
I have made a standby server to move the database to repair the production server. Everything are ok except the CTI capabilities. I do not have call recognition (Caller ID).
You are a lifeline for me... thanks in advance...
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I found a thread about CTI in Siebel: - this is the question (starting point)
 maybe you can ask there for help.
nonlinearlyAuthor Commented:
This connection had nothing to do with my question but was prompted to find a good resource for most issues related to siebel ((better from expert-exchange that has nothing about Siebel)
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