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Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 - Outlook clients not changing

Hey guys,

I am in the process of doing an SBS/Exchange 2003 to Server 2008/Exchange 2010 migration, and I'm having problems transferring mailboxes and having the Outlook clients automatically update.

The mailboxes transfer fine, however when the user opens their mailbox afterwards, all they get is "Disconnected". The server name doesn't change over to the new one at all, so its like the old server is not pointing the clients to the new server to retrieve the mailbox. If I manually change the server name and ponit it at the new server, it connects fine and away it goes.

At the same time I've been having a bit of a drama with Autodiscover, so I'm not sure if its related. As suggested elsewhere, I configured the InternalUrl and ExternalUrl as the same FQDN (, and then added into the DNS. This was to get around the certificate errors we were having internally, as the Outlook was erroring due to the fact the certificate did not match the internal url (server.domain.local) as opposed to the external ( Please let me know if this is incorrect, or if there's a better way to do this. Autodiscover seems to be working fine once the user's mailbox is transferred to the new server, however it hasn't helped my Outlook client issue...

I'd appreciate any help.
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Hi ki4jil, thanks for your response. Will this help with my Outlook client problem?
Points to ki4jil for recommending a UCC SSL cert.