OWA problem

When I use https://remote.domail.com I get a sign on screen for ISA 2006, sign on to that then I get a sign on screen for OWA.  Sign on to that and I get into my mail box.
OWA should go right to exchange2007.
Now I didn't setup this server, or ISA 2006 rules.  I am new to this company and need to fix this.
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I believe your URL should be https://remotedomail.com/owa.  Without the /owa, it is taking you to your Default website.

Hope this helps.
It sounds like you have Forms-Based Authentication enabled on both the ISA server and the OWA server.  Try disabling it on the OWA rule on the ISA server, leaving just anonymous access.  Then the OWA server can take care of the authentication.

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mleidichAuthor Commented:
I get the ISA 2006 sign on screen if I use https://remote.domain.com and https://remote.domain.com/owa
It doesn't go through for either one.
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Well, you may have an ISA rule exposing the entire default web site on the OWA server (and subdirectories), and then a redirection on the OWA server from / to /owa .  Whichever way it's been done, make sure that FBA is not required on the ISA rule.
mleidichAuthor Commented:
I have two rules in ISA.
1) Is port 443 goes to the exchange server
2) Is a rule that has a certificate assigned to it, and a setting talking about application setting using HTML customized forms.

From inside the network https://remote.domain.com/owa works fine, from the outside it goes to the ISA sign on.
from the inside https://mail.domain.com/owa works , from the out side is tells me the certificate is wrong, I continue and get the ISA sign on.

Did you want me to disable the number 2 rule?
No, there is no need to disable any rules, but look at the properties of rule 1 (I think that's the relevant one).  See if you can find where forms-based authentication has been enabled for it.
mleidichAuthor Commented:
I disabled both rules and tested each one.  After resetting the rules it is now working the way it is suppost to.
I guess it just needed to be refreshed.


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