Fedora - to create a test file? / Samba - n00b(ish)

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mkdir bla
chmod 777 bla

All looking good

If I swap to a different user I can create a file


#touch test.txt ?

What other test are good?  I suppose I can ls -la to see file perms.

Anything else?

Oh Im not such a Fedoar n00b now :-)

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Yes you can I user have enouth permission.

Linux commands:
So are you just trying to play with permissions?

Looking for command to switch user?

su - userID

Yes, touch is command to create file or change its timestamps.

# su -<username>   [To switch user]

# exit  [to quit the session from that user]

after giving chmod 777 you will be having enough permission.

# touch test.txt [It will create a empty file, If file is already exist it will modify the time stamp of file]

Could you please explain exactly what do you want to achieve so that we can help you in that manner.
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Now you can try adding sticky bit to the folder.

See what happens

chmod o+t foldername



chmod o+t foldername
What does a  sticky bit do ?
Yes it does.  So only the owner of the file can remove it.  Otherwise anyone with write permissions on the folder where the file resides can remove it.



sticky bit is cool :-)

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