Fedora - to create a test file? / Samba - n00b(ish)


mkdir bla
chmod 777 bla

All looking good

If I swap to a different user I can create a file


#touch test.txt ?

What other test are good?  I suppose I can ls -la to see file perms.

Anything else?

Oh Im not such a Fedoar n00b now :-)

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Yes you can I user have enouth permission.

Linux commands:

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So are you just trying to play with permissions?

Looking for command to switch user?

su - userID

Yes, touch is command to create file or change its timestamps.

# su -<username>   [To switch user]

# exit  [to quit the session from that user]

after giving chmod 777 you will be having enough permission.

# touch test.txt [It will create a empty file, If file is already exist it will modify the time stamp of file]

Could you please explain exactly what do you want to achieve so that we can help you in that manner.
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Now you can try adding sticky bit to the folder.

See what happens

chmod o+t foldername
fcekAuthor Commented:

chmod o+t foldername
What does a  sticky bit do ?
Yes it does.  So only the owner of the file can remove it.  Otherwise anyone with write permissions on the folder where the file resides can remove it.
fcekAuthor Commented:

sticky bit is cool :-)

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