Free Server Disk Drive Monitoring SW for SBS 2003 Server?

Trend Micro Security almost filled up our server's hard drive, and we now have a tool that fixes that.  However, what would you recommend for a sw tool that will monitor hard drive space for our SBS 2003 Server?  There's a lot out there on the Internet.  Thanks.  And, we may get a new server this year.  Is monitoring built in to the newer server OPS?
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sbs 2003/2008/2010 all do this as part of normal operations. You dont need to do anything the default installation monitors disk space on all attached disks.

You need to go to the console and configure monitoring and alerts.

admin tools > server admin > supervision and report generation > configure reports and alerts

(the exact text will be different, i'm translating to english)

if you want to change the point at which it generates alerts:

admin tools > server admin > supervision and report generation > change alert notifications
> performance counters > free disk space (on mine its the second last counter)

rvfowler2Author Commented:
Thanks.  I was misinformed that there was nothing on SBS2003 that monitors hard drives.  Also, in the article, it states to set %disk free, but then suggests setting a flat amount of 1000k.  Lastly, I was confused at the end where you schedule at set the interval for the scan.  I cannot tell if it will simply rescan every hour as I've set or stop permanantly after the hour duration that I gave it.  Not clear.
rvfowler2Author Commented:
Got it to work.  Thanks.
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