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Hi. I am trying to get notification set up for nagios and in order to do that I have installed Postfix on the ubuntu server. I would like to either relay the email through our local exchange server or gmail (whichever is easier to configure on the linux side). I have gone through numerous tutuorials, etc but everytime I try to enter half of the commands (i.e.sudo postmatp hash:/etc/postfix/sas_password or even mailq) i get the error below.

postmap:fatal: bad string length 0 < 1:setgid_group =

I am lost and just want to get the these nagios email notifications working..Someone please help : )

Kind Regards

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Lacy, if you can install Webmin on your box, it has a real easy to use interface for Postfix configuration.  It can manage the installation and configuration. What you need to do is download the deb file and sudo dpkg -i webmin....deb from command line.  

You will probably need to do a sudo apt-get install -f afterwards to update its dependencies.

Once this is done you can login to your machine on port 10000 and you'll find the Postfix configuration under servers.

I would suggest starting there and then have a look at this:

A Webmin module to configure nagios.  It can be loaded under the Webmin configuration.  I recommend Webmin because I hate running around in the console trying to configure servers and remember all the commands to initialize and build config files, or initialize database engines.

Hope this helps

Llacy80Author Commented:
I will try that out and post back when I am done. Thank you for the information.
Llacy80Author Commented:
Hi. I installed webmin and when I go to servers and then Postfix, it says the following:

postfix: fatal: bad string length 0 < 1: setgid_group =

Can you guide me in just removing postfix and reinstalling it? I guess I mainly need help with removing it.

sudo apt-get --purge remove postfix

should do the trick, then install postfix from within webmin, it automates the installation
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