Ways for disaster recovery

I need to replicate servers from Los Angeles to Sacramento.  The HQ is in LA.  Colo in sacramento.

Thinking of double-take Many-to-One.  Bandwidth 10MB.  About 30 servers.  Would that work or is there other better ways to do that?
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We looked at Doubletake and it looked like a good solution. We also looked at Neverfail as an alternative. Haven't come to a conclusion about which is better yet.

DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
I would like to suggest StorageCraft

I have implemented 3 sites replication using IBM technology DS8100 SAN storage to host our Oracle DB application, SAN to SAN replication synchronous metro_mirror over Darkfiber distance=5Km with zero lost data between 2 sites (SiteA+SiteB), and asynchronous replication global_mirror over MPLS/IPVPN L3 with 35Mbps distance=150Km (SiteB+SiteC). Look into your area for  a service provider that happens to offer L3 MPLS VPNs.
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Tiras25Author Commented:
From to LA to SAC is a way more distance.  400mil.

I wonder how would DoubleTake perform with 10MB bandwidth?

I'm DT Certified Expert. So for sure that solely depends on the connection.

Even do DT compress data before send it, if actual changes exceed the available bandwidth it will start queuing up in the source machine.

Also if you use that 10 MB link shared with production traffic will likely to hit the replication.

To try explain my point, if your users generate changes lets say 20 mb/s your link won't be able to hold up. DT have good workarounds for that, such as compression and queuing data and send it as bandwidth becomes available, but still you don't want data to queue up in the source server as possible.
Tiras25Author Commented:
Thanks Rapco,

The pipe from the Colo to the internet is 100Mbps.  The overall bandwidth from the office to the Colo is 10Mbps.  So I guess it should hold OK.

Thanks again!
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