Firefox 4 not playing Quicktime videos well

Running Windows 7 64-bit with Firefox

When I try to play a video that has embedded QT video using FIrefox 4, it stops and stutters a LOT.

When i try to play the same videos in Chrome, they play without a problem.

I like FIrefox 4 for a lot of other reasons, so I'd like to fix this. Suggestions?

Example videos I'm using: 
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freshjuiceConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Solved my own problem using QT Lite installation.

Partial points to mplungjan for assisting.
Michel PlungjanConnect With a Mentor IT ExpertCommented:
Funny you should mention it, yesterday I was sent a video link to MSN and my FX 4 on Mac told me the plugin was 32 bit and it needed to restart in 32 bit mode. Perhaps yor FX decided to try to run QT in 64 bit mode but the plugin was unhappy. Without investigation can you try running FX in 32 bit mode for QT or have a google for 64 bit quicktime firefox ?
freshjuiceAuthor Commented:
I tried a 64-bit install of the Quicktime plugin. (Was a pain that is, by the way...good luck finding it!) No improvement.

I can't find ANY instructions on how to start firefox in 32-bit mode in Windows. Lot's on instructions on how to do it in Mac...but not Windows.
freshjuiceAuthor Commented:
My solution answered it, but got assistance.
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