Active Directory: Locating a Computer Object

I'm trying to find out the physical location of this computer object.  I've looked in ADUC and do not see anything listed in the location tab.  Is there another way of finding out where this PC is at?
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What I typically do is Ping the machine name, once I get the IP address then I  connect to the machine  like this  \\\C$ and Once I am in the computer I look at the user names in documents and settings.

If you have remote Desktop Enabled you can RDP to it via IP..

Mike KlineCommented:
Physical location as to where it is in the building?  That won't be in AD,  Do you know the IP maybe you can track down what subnet it is on.  


Open Users and computers and right click on the domain and pick find

choose computer under find and then type what you are looking for.

you can find out where it is by going to view and adding the column "published at"
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My bad, you are trying to find the actually box.
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Assuming you have nice smart managed switches.....

Ping he PC, find its MAC address and then look at your switch ports to locate the port that the PC is physically connected to, go to your comms room and find out what floor/wall port that that switch port is connected to :D

Hubs? Oh dear :(
itsmevicAuthor Commented:
Thank you.  That worked.
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