Blackberry OS6 on 256MB handsets

Hi Experts,

Is there a list for blackberry handsets that I can check compatibility for OS6?
Also, does OS6 go onto 256MB handsets?

If the handset is already connected to a BES (4.1.5 and onwards), what is the best way to upgrade the handset?
From past experience, when trying to upgrade using the desktop software, the handsets complain about already being connected to a BES.

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BBs that ship with OS 6.0:

Bold 9780
Style 9670
Torch 9800

BBs that have OS 6.0 available

Bold 9650
Curve 9330
Curve 9300 (limited providers)
Bold 9700 (limited providers)
Pearl 9100 (limited providers)

For Features :

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Hi, MarkMichael

512mb is a minimum requirement for OS6. There is no designated list as what handsets have what operating systems because it is determined by the service provider. As a general rule of thumb the only handhelds with os6 shipped out of the box for all providers would be the 9780, 9670, & 9800. Older phones with 512mb memory are os6 compatible but based on the provider they may not have released the update. The way around that is to download a leak and wipe and install the leaked os from a different provider yourself.

As for the BES updates. Depending on the IT policy on your handheld you may or may not be able to update your own software. You can ask your server administrator to push certain updates to your handheld or change the IT policy allowing you to do your own updating. Another way to update over BES is to by-pass the IT policy all together by :

1) asking your BES administrator for a new activation password
2) downloading the handheld OS including any updates to your computer (attainable from most service provider websites)
3) doing a security wipe of your handheld
4) loading the new OS
5) doing a battery pull
6) activating the hand held on the BES with your new password
7) allow the activation to complete and do another battery pull for good measure
MarkMichaelAuthor Commented:

So I can get the OS6 from only my provider, such as Orange/O2/Vodafone etc?
How do I go about asking for this?
If I get this software and complete a security wipe, what piece of software is used to upload the new OS?

Also, I have read multiple places that 512mb is the minimum requirement for OS6, however I have seen alot of reviews suggesting that 256mb is fine. As the OS only really uses up around 120MB or storage to begin with? Is this incorrect?

You can download the OS from the service provider's website.

To upload the new OS you would require the Desktop Manager, which you can download from the same site from where you would download the OS.

Yeah, that is fine, but 512 MB is recommended.
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