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I have an unlimited web hosting service for my several web sites.  I am wondering if there is some system by which i could utilize that space to have my own personal cloud storage system.  I just picked up a tablet, and I need access to large amounts of my data, but not frequently at all.  Bandwidth would never be an issue.  

Does anyone know of any scripts or ways I could use this space on my hosted web server as a "skydrive", Gdrive or one of these types of dropbox services?

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If your host is using cpanel, then it may already be available to you. If so, look for Web Drive in your cpanel.
What type of tablet?  OS?

  Does your host support FTP?
If so, I would suggest reviewing FTP software for your tablet.  There are several that provide the typical FTP appearance or an appearance more like that of Explorer.
You need this cloud to be available to you only or would you like to host such services like a skydrive alternative?

If the first options applies to you, the you will need to build an index.php with some script to upload files, and there are a lot out there you can google them, and a script to list files and folders and navigate them, that shouldn't be an issue.
If you are talking about the second option, hence you want to serve a skydrive well then it would
be a lot more complex and you will need a database and a management system for that which is not so easy!

Anyway and from experience when you get a limitless amount of free space it's not always limitless
and I would surprised if it exceeds 50G, another thing you should check how big a file you can upload to your space. usually limits are between 10mb-100mb. So you should ask your host for that!
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Oh yes and there is another thing to mention here, if you want this for your personal use then the best solution is to use a free service specially designed for that, like dropbox that support 2G for free or skydrive or rapidsharae or others ..
toverholtAuthor Commented:
I really need much more than 2GB.  I already use and DropBox.

My tablet is a xoom so droid os.  

I really want to have my files stored on a cloud server, so I can always have access to them.

Perhaps I should consider a home server???  I have a couple TB of external drive space at home, with a decent connection.

Any thoughts?
What about something like logmein for the android? There is an app that will let you not only access the files on your home pc but actually control it from your Android device. It's only $30 and logmein is free for personal use.
It sounds like you need big files uploaded and downloaded.

If you have a statip IP at home than a home server is deffinitly the answer, if both upload and download are decent!
You can use FTP or you can design a php page on your home server to handle the trafic.

Anyway I have to remind you that if 2GB are not enough there is always (skydrive) that offers 25GB of free space which is more than 10 times what you have at!

You can 10GB at which supports all kinds of phones!
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